Proprietary data, valuation, and liquidity tools for fine art & collectibles.

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Proprietary Data & Market Research

Transact with confidence with access to our deep artist data.

Make better buying and selling decisions with instant auction price comparables and sale trends. Use our proprietary Liquidity and Market Trend Scores to assess the strength of an artist's secondary market. Use detailed filters to drill into results and create custom comparables to share.

Collection Management

Access all information about your collection from a single secure account.

Digitize and store all asset information and easily retrieve key records. Stay on top of upcoming and recent sales of artists that you care about. Access value-added services such as appraisals directly from within the application. Manage your collection directly or through an advisor.


Uncover and access liquidity in a collection.

How liquid is your art collection? Only 3% of art changes hands annually. Are your artists among the ones more frequently bought & sold? Does your artwork qualify for art lending? Borrow 50% of the value to fund additional art acquisitions or other spending needs. CollectorIQ has relationships with major financial institutions to present liquidity options.

Risk Management for Fiduciaries

Understand risk & concentration across clients’ collections.

Lenders, insurers, and other fiduciaries can instantly and continuously understand client and institutional exposure to a specific artist, medium, location, and more.

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